Orchestra Explorer Series

Interact with musicians and their instruments in the Orchestra Explorer Series!

The FREE Orchestra Explorer Series gives kids the chance to interact with musicians and their instruments in a fun and relaxed setting. The Series includes a Musical Discovery Zone™, where kids meet musicians and try playing some of the instruments. The musicians give examples of the different sounds that the instruments make by playing short classical pieces, as well as pieces kids will recognize. Throughout the program, the musicians are more than happy to answer any questions. Finally, the program concludes with a performance by the musicians!

This program is suggested for children in grades K-6.

Upcoming Events

  • Orchestra Explorer Series: Woodwinds at Royal Palm Room/Broadway Palm TheaterMarch 18, 2018

    Location: Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre
    Date: March 18, 2018
    Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

    This free, immersive education experience delves into the instrument families that comprise the orchestra. Each 1-hour event is geared for grades K-6, and combines age appropriate performances and Q&A sessions with hands-on opportunities for children to see, hear, touch, and play symphonic instruments. This event will focus on the woodwind family of the orchestra.  Program starts at 2pm.

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