Carol Docker

Carol is the Director of Human Resources at Johnson Engineering, Inc., a Southwest Florida firm headquartered in Fort Myers. She joined the firm in 1999 as the first human resources professional for the company which has been in business since 1946 and provides civil engineering and surveying services and consulting to South Florida clients. Staff includes professional engineers, ecologists, scientists, geologists, surveyors and mappers, certified planners, and landscape architects.

Previously, Carol was Director of Human Resources for American Phoenix located in Hartford, Connecticut.

A native of West Hartford, Connecticut and current resident of Fort Myers, Carol joined the Gulf Coast Symphony Board of Directors to participate in an organization presenting music she has enjoyed her entire life. Although not currently playing an instrument, she enjoys attending concerts and appreciating the efforts of the on-stage musicians. Carol is an enthusiastic lover of music and arts and attended many symphony concerts as a child with her mother, who was an ardent symphony and opera fan.

An animal enthusiast, Carol is a past Board Member and volunteer for the Animal Refuge Center in North Fort Myers. Carol owned and managed an alpaca farm in New Hampshire where she bred high quality alpacas for their exquisite fiber.

Riding her bike, walking and enjoying the beach are Carol’s other passions along with working out and staying fit, watching football and baseball, dining at local restaurants, and experiencing all of the other great features that make Southwest Florida a delightful place to live.

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