Richard Jones

Sound Designer

Richard Jones is the co-owner and founder of Pro Sound and Lights located in Lexington, KY. He has been an active part of the live sound and music scene in Lexington since the 90’s, playing bass in local bands and running sound for various events, such as Summerfest, Transylvania University events, and working with UK Opera’s production team for Grand Night for Singing. Richard began his music and business college studies at Florida State University, transferring to Morehead State University, graduating with a degree in Music Education and a business minor. Richard is passionate about his work with live music performances, dedicated to making each one an enjoyable experience for the audience and all that are involved. Since moving to the Fort Myers area in 2017 he has worked with Beyond Audio and Video on both installation work and live sound/video and was the former Technical Director for Gulf Coast Symphony. He is currently the Technical Director at BIG ARTS on Sanibel Island and enjoys freelance work with Gulf Coast Symphony.

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