Endowment Fund

The Gulf Coast Symphony endowment fund was established to provide a stable financial base for the Symphony’s ongoing pursuit of musical excellence. Gifts are prudently invested to ensure fiscal stability for generations to come. Only the interest generated for the fund will be used; the principal will not be invaded. Therefore, your gift will produce revenue for the Symphony that will last forever.

Endowment gifts can:

  • provide general operating funds to meet the gap between ticket sales and concert expenses
  • support orchestra chairs, guest artists, and our music library
  • fund educational programs
  • establish legacies for honored individuals

If music is a part of your life, consider establishing a legacy donation to the Gulf Coast Symphony’s endowment fund. Even a person of modest wealth can make an important contribution to the future of our Symphony and music in our community!

There are many opportunities for investing in the future of the Gulf Coast Symphony. For example, creating an endowed chair for an instrument in the orchestra will ensure ongoing financial support for the Symphony. If you desire, the endowed chair can be named for you or a loved one to commemorate your legacy.

Season and single ticket sales are an essential source of revenue but do not cover the full cost of a concert. In fact, ticket sales account for only approximately 30% of concert expenses. Your gift will help ensure the Symphony can continue to be viable and contribute to the quality of life in our community.

There are numerous rewards to philanthropic giving and a variety of options for creating your charitable legacy for classical music that will assist you to make your contributions go even further. Some people find it especially satisfying to establish a fund in their name or the name of a loved one in perpetuity. Imagine the positive, lasting impact of including the Gulf Coast Symphony in your estate plan!

Ways to Give to The Endowment Fund

Gifts of Cash

Nothing could be easier than making a gift of cash. It is the most common gift, and the one you probably think of first.


The most popular route for planned giving is through your will or trust. You can leave a specific bequest of an exact sum of money or property, or leave a percentage of the remainder after making provisions for family and loved ones.

Bank Accounts & CDs

You can name the Gulf Coast Symphony as the “payable on death” beneficiary of any of your checking or savings bank accounts and certificates of deposits. You retain the accounts for your lifetime and have them available for your use. Upon your death, the assets pass directly to the Symphony, thus avoiding probate.

Stocks & Securities

These assets are simple to give and offer excellent advantages. You can transfer the stock to the Symphony electronically through your broker or give the stock certificate to us with a signed stock power for each certificate. You can also require stocks and securities to be “transferred on death” to the Gulf Coast Symphony.

Life Insurance

Do you have a life insurance policy? You may donate it to the Symphony or simply name the Symphony as the beneficiary.

Real Estate

There are several ways for you and the Symphony to benefit through a donation of real estate. An outright gift of property that is completely paid off, has appreciated value, and you no longer need or use is the easiest way to gift real estate. You can also transfer the deed of your property to the Symphony now and keep the right to live in and use the property for you and your spouse’s lifetime while continuing to receive your full homestead exemption.

Gifts That Give Back to You

There are many excellent ways you can provide a significant future gift to the Symphony while retaining or increasing the income you receive from the asset used to make the gift. We encourage you to discuss any of the following opportunities with your attorney or financial advisor.

  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
  • Charitable Remainder Unitrust

The multitude of gift-giving options and the ways you can incorporate them into your estate plan is extremely varied. The Symphony staff is available to provide you with additional suggestions on gifts that fit your philanthropic and lifestyle goals. Give us a call at (239) 277-1700 and we will be happy to meet with you (and your advisor).

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