Ed Brakus

Ed is the Senior Vice President of Product Management and Product Marketing at Agora.io, a multinational technology firm that provides application developers with a broad set of real-time audio/video communications capabilities and development building blocks.

Ed began his career in software development and eventually moved to the business side of the house after many years managing the design and engineering of several tech product portfolios.  Ed has been awarded several patents in the field of video communications while working for a number of leaders in the field such as Polycom, ATI(AMD), Broadcom, Qualcomm, and others.

With entrepreneurism as a side-hustle, Ed founded Burma Spice, an e-commerce brand of gourmet spices which he grew from a garage business to multimillion-dollar revenue in 36 months, with cost-effective and aggressive digital marketing as a key driver of the company’s growth.

Ed is keenly interested in Latin music, having fallen for the genre at age 11 after having seen Tito Puente perform live.  Ed lived in Cuba for a short while to study Spanish and Afro-Cuban percussion.  He also is an avid scuba diver and enjoys boating around Fort Myers where he lives with his husband and a rambunctious doberman named Fidel.

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