Gulf Coast Symphony Announces Spectacular Season at the Music & Arts Community Center in Fort Myers

August 29, 2023

Experience the Magic of Live Music with Gulf Coast Symphony’s Diverse Concert Series

Fort Myers, August 29, 2023 – Gulf Coast Symphony is thrilled to unveil its captivating season at the Music & Arts Community Center (MACC) in Fort Myers, a celebration of music that promises to delight audiences of all tastes and ages. Under the banner “Live Music Lives Here,” Gulf Coast Symphony’s 2023-2024 season features an array of exceptional concert series, each offering a unique and immersive musical experience.

Jazz at the MACC Series

The “Jazz at the MACC” series is set to be a highlight of the season, featuring six scintillating concerts that showcase the vibrant world of jazz. From the soulful melodies of ‘Blue Train: Music of John Coltrane’ to the festive ‘Swinging Holidays,’ and the masterful performances in ‘The Jazz Trio: Music of Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown & Chick Corea,’ this series will transport audiences into the heart of jazz’s rich tapestry. The exploration continues with ‘Music of Duke Ellington,’ ‘Who Will We Be?: A Jazz Suite about the Soul,’ and ‘Modern Creations: New Jazz Performed by the Composers,’ promising an extraordinary journey through the evolution of jazz.

Gulf Coast Symphony at the MACC Series

The “Gulf Coast Symphony at the MACC” series presents four captivating concerts, each a masterful orchestral experience. From the soaring melodies of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No.5 to the timeless brilliance of Beethoven’s Symphony No.4, and the grandeur of Haydn’s ‘Lord Nelson Mass’ to the majestic conclusion in Brahms’ Symphony No.4, this series brings classical music to life in a stunning way. In a nod to accessibility, matinee concerts are also available, allowing even more music enthusiasts to bask in the glory of these orchestral masterpieces.

Sunday Chamber Music Series

For those seeking an intimate musical encounter, the “Sunday Chamber Music” series provides a platform for astonishing chamber performances. The series features four enchanting concerts, including the spellbinding ‘Beaux Arts Trio,’ the evocative ‘Verona Quartet,’ the dynamic duo ‘Stokes & Kozlowski,’ and a showcase of the talented ‘Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestral Fellows.’ These performances promise to create personal connections between the musicians and the audience, fostering a deeper appreciation for the art form.

Musical Theatre Series

Step into the world of Broadway magic with the “Musical Theatre” series, which presents four captivating show runs. From the entertaining ‘Snowbird Follies’ to the timeless enchantment of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s ‘A Grand Night for Singing,’ and the hilarious ‘Nunsense 2 – The Second Coming,’ to the adventure-packed ‘Route 66,’ this series promises to bring beloved stories to life through the power of song and dance.

Special Concerts and Events

In addition to the main series, the Music & Arts Community Center will host a variety of unique events throughout the season, including the enchanting ‘Candlelight by Fever’ series, offering unparalleled musical experiences that redefine the concert-going experience.

Gulf Coast Symphony’s 2023-2024 season at the Music & Arts Community Center promises to be a symphonic journey of discovery, emotion, and artistry. The tagline “Live Music Lives Here” encapsulates the essence of what this season has to offer, and music enthusiasts of all kinds are invited to partake in this musical celebration.

Tickets and Information:

For ticketing details, concert schedules, and more information, please visit www.gulfcoastsymphony.org or call 239.277.1700. Single Tickets, Series Packages and Flex Packages are available.

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