Jan Faber


Miami, FL Year joined: 1998

Jan Faber’s father was a semi-professional opera singer with the Miami Opera Guild for 30 years, so his home was often filled with the sounds of classical music. Having been named after Jan Peerce, the famous tenor, our Jan’s dad had hopes his son’s voice would follow in his father’s path.

However, Jan found that he could barely croak out “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean,” so he turned to the violin while in the 4th grade. Jan says he’s not sure whether his early violin playing sounded much better than his singing. But he persevered, and his playing blossomed. Jan subsequently studied violin until he was graduated from high school. He attended music camp during summers at Florida State University, where he played weekly community concerts and studied music theory, orchestration and conducting.

Since then he has played with various community orchestras and participated in chamber music workshops around the country. Coming to Fort Myers in 1997, he soon found and joined the Gulf Coast Symphony. He also plays with the Florida Southwestern State College orchestra as well as with various string quartets and trios.

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