Millard Golusin


Detroit, Mi. Year joined: 2018

Violinist Millard Golusin is a retired Obstetrician/Gynecologist from Michigan who moved to Florida in 2017 and joined the Gulf Coast Symphony the following year. He began his music studies at the age of seven. His teacher was Santo Urso who was a long-standing member of the Detroit Symphony. While in high school, Millard was concertmaster of his orchestra, which was one of the best in the state at that time. As a senior, he soloed with the orchestra, performing Beethoven’s Romance in F major. He also attended summer music camp at Michigan State University. Millard has played with several community orchestras in the Detroit area over the years. In addition to the GCS, Millard plays with the Detroit Medical Orchestra, a group made up of healthcare professionals. In addition, he has served as choral director of his church a cappella choir for close to 50 years. Millard plays on his cherished Bavarian-made violin that is close to 300 years old. “I have practiced medicine for 40 years and have delivered approximately 7,000 babies. Music has always served as a special avocation and a meaningful part of my life,” he says.

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