Tom Santin


One October morning my mother was walking through the forest in Ohio and she became very tired and sat down on a large rock.   All of a sudden, a big cry filled the silent forest from under the rock and I was born.  Taking me home, she was convinced she would never be able to explain how I came to be or why she didn’t just ignore the screams and finish her rest and move on to more exciting adventures.  She later revealed to me that the town couldn’t put up with the Santin brat and ran us out of town and we ended up in Buckingham Fla away from civilization. There were no neighbors to interfere with my growing up, somehow I managed to get through school and going to work in the telephone industry traveling around the southern states, getting drafted in the army and running around Europe for a couple years sharpening up my beer drinking skills.  Making a big mistake and returning to this place, where i have been involved in a couple businesses, and different jobs that I found rewarding and am glad to have had the opportunity to work in their employment.   I started my volunteer chapter of my life maybe 20 years ago and use my time at the symphony library, Lee Memorial Hospital, and Gateway Lutheran Church.  And also work for Crown Plaza Hotel.

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